At this point, it is worth wondering what all this research represents. We seemingly have an answer crying out for a question. To that end, there are a few good candidates. Is Bitcoin a response to monetary distortion? Government largesse, perhaps? Is Bitcoin a dry, technical update for the internet? I would contend that it does all those things. And excellently so. But there is also a more profound, universal quandary to address.

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Compare and Contrast

May 13, 2021

This is where I used to offer services for property advice. Nothing too controversial. But gradually, as I've continued on my digital journey, it's become something incredibly exciting (for me at least). Instead of hashing out the same advice over and over again, I publish my ideas just once. And once online, they are free for anyone to digest, forevermore.

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The Burgers Are Better

April 22, 2021

The environment that encouraged motorway building, out-of-town shopping, suburbia, commuting, office managers, living-for-the-weekend, career politicians, central business districts, etc. etc. etc. That came about because our motivations aligned with these outcomes. We Wanted This.

Consulting At Scale

April 14, 2021

11 years later, the landscape is utterly different. I can create the output of a 3-5 person team with a laptop and a Wi-Fi connection. Everything has moved to a SaaS business model. Nearly everything is automated. Lead generation. Financial reporting. Report formatting. Client liaison. It has all become part of a smooth software process.

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Lets Talk Empathy

April 12, 2021

You can be quite shallow in your initial assessment. Money. Power. Status. Once you peel away more layers of the onion however, things get rather interesting. The real colour of life comes out. Consider this example; the overbearing middle manager. They have a strong desire to control and micromanage. They pester you with countless updates and ever tightening deadlines. You want to alleviate your reporting burden. What to do?

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Buzzin For Bitcoin

March 29, 2021

And let me tell you, there is nothing like having skin in the game. A positive feedback loop would arise. I'd read an article, strengthen my conviction, reassess our migration funds, and always find a little more fiat to ditch. Same with the books. The videos. It was a classic case of Do Your Own Research. Call Your Own Fucking Shots.

Death By Micro

March 29, 2021

At first it might not be that obvious. A query here and there, or a desire to know intimate details of your work. Healthy enough, perhaps? A desire to be on top of things, but not to be involved? Yet before you know it, there are emails flying at you from every direction.

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Stay Curious

March 25, 2021

Change the source of information entering your life. Honestly, it just changes everything. You don't even have to quit social media. In fact, I've started using Twitter so much more since I started Staying Curious. You just have to treat these rich wells of content with respect. When I pick up my phone now, I'm basically learning by default. A little bit more. Every single day. That is how I built websites from scratch with zero formal education. It is what gave me courage to write these words.